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Why Chose 1Click Property Management

13 Reasons to Chose 1Click Property Management to manage your investment property


1. Efficient Property Managers

You deserve a property manager who cares as much about your property as you do. At 1Click Property Management, we are the property managers who also own investment property. So, we help you build your wealth by offering you the best property management services available and concentrate all of our resources on ensuring that your specific management needs are fulfilled. This means we will look after your property the way we look after our own, using our practical professional skills and the latest technology to find quality tenants, minimise vacancies and handle marketing, repairs, maintenance, accounting and legal compliance efficiently and cost-effectively.


2. We can be contacted – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

You can contact us about your property anywhere, at any time and we can answer your queries straight away.

3. Finding a best suitable tenant in the quickest possible time

We have dedicated letting specialists, full time leasing consultants who are 100% focused on finding you a suitable tenant in the fastest possible time. We expose your property to a wide range of prospective tenants by using: 

  • Our large database of qualified prospective tenants ready to rent today
  • Our list of executive and corporate clients
  • Prominent property signage 
  • Property viewing 7 days a week to maximise the opportunity to find a best suitable tenant within the shortest period of time possible

4. Careful tenant selection

Our letting specialists are totally focused on finding you the best tenant in the shortest possible time. We do not hand out keys, but conduct open for inspections and private appointments which provides us with the opportunity to interview prospective tenants. Our stringent tenant selection process ensures that we have the best possible tenant for your rental property. We check on the Tenancy Information New Zealand (TINZ) that minimises the risk of selecting the wrong tenant.

5. Thorough agreement preparation

Once the tenant has been interviewed and approved, we will sign the Tenancy Agreement and lodge the Bond on your behalf. We check all documentation carefully to ensure that your legal rights are protected.

6. Prompt rent collection and remittance to you

To ensure prompt payment we ask tenants to pay rent by direct debit from their bank accounts. We then promptly deposit your money electronically into your account same day and send you a monthly Rent Statement by email, detailing all rent collected and disbursements made on your behalf.

7. Maximising your rental return

Once your property has been rented out, we are constantly monitoring rental levels, initiating rental reviews and minimising vacancies where required to ensure your property receives maximum returns. This also assists our clients achieve their investment strategy.

8. Zero Tolerance Rent Arrears

It is the policy of our company that all rent is paid a week in advance by automatic payment or direct debit up to the termination of the tenancy. We do have a strict policy on the procedure we follow if rent payment has been missed and Tenant will receive a number and variety of reminders which they shouldn’t ignore. The remainder notices and frequency are listed below:

1-2 days in arrears

14 days breach notice issued and phone call/text message/email.

3-6 days in arrears

Follow up by phone call/text message/email.

7+ days in arrears

Application submit to Tenancy Tribunal made for termination of tenancy and bond refunded to landlord and further attempts at contact with tenant by phone call, text message, email. If not successful then visit to the property/contact next of kin/employer.



9. Detailed Property Inspections

Our timely inspections and detailed condition photographed reports with recommended routine maintenance will ensure that your property remains well looked after and obtains top rentals. We conduct inspections at the beginning of the tenancy and take photographs to minimise disputes at the end of the tenancy. We do periodic inspections of your property with free of cost. At the end of a tenancy we will again inspect your property and ensure the tenant leaves the property in a clean and tidy condition. We also determine any renovation work necessary, re-assess the rental and advise you on any suggested increase.

10. Repairs and Maintenance

To protect your property, we provide 7 day, 24 hour emergency maintenance service for your tenants and only use qualified trades people. We act on repairs according to your instructions and maintain complete records for future reference. We pay for tradesmen on your behalf and full details are printed on your monthly Rent Statement with the relevant invoice attached for your reference.

11. Single Point of Contact

You will be given the name, direct phone number and email address of your personal Property Manager. They lead the team of experts that manages your property. You can contact them directly at any time with any questions you may have about your property. Your Property Manager will provide you with full and open communication.

12. Disputes with the tenants

Our company policy is to record any conversation made with the tenant through phone call or during inspection the tenant, so we won't miss what we and tenant talked about and have a record on that issue. This would help if we need to apply to tribunal, in case. We will shield you from any disputes with your tenants, most of which can be solved expediently if handled with professionalism and diplomacy. We will give you expert advice and represent you at a tenancy tribunal if necessary.

13. Our stress free property management Guarantee

We are committed to providing a sound, professional, efficient, personalised, committed, expert, responsive, proactive, friendly and cost effective management service to our clients. Service that's tailored to your unique needs, not a generic work instruction that follows the path of least resistance. We guarantee it.