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Tenant's Guide

Application for Tenancy


Please take the following steps to apply for the rental property you are interested in:


Step 1: Download a rental application form from our webpage or just click the link below:


Step 2: Fill out your information

Step 3: Print and sign the application form

Step 4: Email us your application to info@1clickproperty.co.nz alongwith the following documents:


*     Copies of identification: maybe your driver’s licence or Passport;

*     Contact details of your current landlord and employer

*     Rental ledger from current agent

*     Bank statement showing your latest wages/income;

*     Pay slips;

*     A utility bill addressed to you at your current address

*     Three References (Personal, Current Employer and Current Proeprty Manager)


Processing the Application


Your application will be processed within 24 hours and subject to all information being supplied as requested. At 1Click Property Management, we select suitable tenants based on the following criteria:


*     A good rental payment history;

*     Had their bond refunded in full from previous tenancies;

*     Maintain and leave the previous property in good condition


Your application will be reviewed in confidence; we are required to confirm the details you provide with your employer and landlord/ property manager. We will also contact any personal references provided. Once we have processed your application for tenancy satisfactory, we will pass it to the property owner for their approval and we will advise you the outcome accordingly.


Entry Costs


Once application is approved, we will be in contact with you to arrange signing of the Tenancy Agreement with upfront payment and set up a weekly automatic payment for your rent.


Upfront Payments are:

Rent in advance – 1 week;
Security Bond – 4 weeks rent (refundable);
Letting Fee – 1 weeks rent plus GST





A security bond as a form of guarantee for the landlord against breaches of the Residential Tenancy Agreement is paid by tenant prior to moving into the property. The amount of the bond is equivalent to 4 weeks rent. We lodge your Bond with Tenancy Services and held until the expiration of your tenancy. This is held to cover, but is not restricted to; any cleaning and damage to the rental property, unpaid rent, removal of abandoned furniture or garden maintenance. You will receive a Rental Bond Registration Number after your payment has been confirmed.


The bond will be refunded to you only once a final inspection has been conducted by the property manager and subject to the following:


1.     All keys, swipes and opening devices are returned;

2.     All outstanding rent and charges such as water usage are paid;

3.     If no cleaning is required to the property;

4.     No rubbish, personal items or furniture requiring removal;

5.     Any failure to comply with any obligation of your Tenancy Agreement and the landlord suffers a loss as a result.

6.     Any amounts owed that are greater than the bond, may result in further orders being made to pay the extra amount.

7.     A bond refund form can then be completed and signed by both party and submitted to Tenancy Services to transfer into your account.






Tenants are required to pay atleast 1 week rent in advance from the first day of the tenancy. It is a part of condition stated in the tenancy agreement that all rental payments are made in advance. We recommend using direct debit payment method that ensures your rent will automatically be deducted from a nominated account and paid on time and in advance. As a tenant, it is important that rental payments are made correctly and on time as this will be used as a reference when trying to rent in the future.


We do have a strict policy on rental arrears and should you fail to meet your requirement to pay the rent on time, we will have no alternative but to terminate the tenancy after 14 days in rental arrears. Continual rent arrears are a breach of your Tenancy Agreement and will result in termination of the tenancy. So, please contact your property manager or our office immediately should you be experiencing financial problems to arrange alternative payments.




Once your payments have been made and the Tenancy agreement signed, we can hand you over the keys! You can collect your keys from our office on your agreed moving in day.

You should not change any locks or other security devices within the property without the written consent from your property manager and provide us with two working copies of the new keys immediately alongwith a written advice of which lock(s) are changed and why. At the end of your tenancy, all keys (even if you have had them copied yourself) must be returned to our office. You will need to keep paying rent until all keys are returned.


If You are Locked Out of the Property




If you get locked outside of your property you could visit us to collect our office set of keys.  If that happened after hours and requires staff to be called out, you would be charged a callout fee of $35.00 and we will only be able to provide keys to listed tenants on the tenancy agreement and photo identification must be provided.

Moving into Your New Rental Property


Try to remove some of the stresses involved in moving into your new home. Please find the following helpful ideas to assist in making this transaction as smooth as possible:


*     Mail Redirection - Redirect mail from your previous address to new address;

*     Utilities - Get to organise your electricity, internet etc connection.



Property Condition Report


In the beginning of your tenancy, you will receive two copies of Property Condition Report. This report outlines the condition of the property upon turn over. When it’s time for you to vacate the property, the present condition of the property will be compared to the condition of it upon turn over. Any variation, except for fair wear and tear, will be your responsibility.

We advise that you review the Property Condition Report and make additional comments as needed so both parties can accurately determine the real condition of the property. It is in your best interest that all representations are correct and accurate at the time of turn over. After reviewing the report, please send back a signed copy within 7 days.




Sub-leasing is not allowed unless owner’s consent is obtained. You must always notify your Property Manager if there’s any change in the occupants in the property.


Property Inspections





This allows 1Click Property Management to account to the landlord on the condition and cleanliness of their investment property. It also allows you to advise the property manager of any maintenance, repairs or improvements you may feel are required. As stated above please complete and return the initial condition report within 7 days of commencement of the tenancy. We will refer to your copy of the condition report at the outgoing inspection. Periodic inspections will be conducted 3 months after commencement of the tenancy and every 3-6 months thereafter. We will provide you with sufficient notice prior to these inspections. Final inspections will be conducted once all keys have been returned and the rental property is vacant.



Maintenance and Repairs






All requests for repairs and maintenance will be attended to promptly, however we do require all requests to be made in writing. In some instances we are required to seek the landlord’s approval prior to proceeding with quotes. For all urgent repairs please contact our office immediately to report the issue and follow up in writing. Urgent repairs would be as follows:


1. Burst water service

2. Blocked or broken lavatory system

3. Serious roof leak

4. Dangerous electrical fault

5. Flooding or serious flood damage

6. Serious storm or fire damage

7. Failure or breakdown of the gas, electricity or water supply to the premises

8. Failure or breakdown of any essential service on the premises for hot water, cooking, heating or laundering

9. Any fault or damage that causes the premises to be unsafe or not secure.

You must not attach any fixture or make any renovation, alteration or addition to the rented premises without written permission from the landlord or property manager. This includes picture hooks, painting or removal of existing landscaping.






Please be aware that the owner’s insurance does not cover your belongings inside the property. We advise you to get a comprehensive contents insurance to protect your belongings against theft, fire, and other perils. In case, if you or any other occupants or your visitor caused accidental damages the property and repair work is required, you may be required to pay any excess that may apply to the landlord's insurance cover.


Breaking the Tenancy Agreement Early


Your tenancy agreement is a legal contract providing protection for both you and the property owner. You can only terminate this agreement in one of the following ways:

We will issue you a remind letter atleast one month ago prior to finish of your fixed term whether you intend to sign for another term contract. If you intend to vacate at the end of your fixed term tenancy agreement, you are required to give us 21 days written notice prior to the expiry of your agreement. 

If any unforeseen circumstances arise and you have to vacate the property prior to the expiration of your fixed term tenancy agreement, please contact your Property Manager immediately. In this situation we will endeavour to find another suitable tenant to take over your tenancy obligations. If this occurs, you will be responsible to pay for the following:

*      Payment of all rent until another suitable tenant moves into the property;

*      Payment of a re-letting costs;

*      Payment of any costs incurred by the landlord for advertising and associated re-letting the property.


If you would like to give us notice of your intention to vacate the property, you should write it down and post that to our address or drop by physically at our office. Unfortunately, we cannot receive Vacating Notices by email or over the phone as they are not legally permissible.

You can’t use any part of the Rental Bond for the final payment. Rent will be charged until keys are return to our office. It is your responsibility to leave the rented premises as near as possible in the same condition, fair wear and tear excepted, as set out in the original condition report. Follow the tenancy agreement for rest of the matter, if any.


Final Inspection




Final inspections are conducted at the end of the tenancy term or upon vacating the rental property. The final inspection report is closely checked with the condition report completed at the initial inspection to ensure that there has been no damage (beyond normal wear and tear) and that no fixtures have been removed (e.g. light fittings).



If you got any concern relating to your tenancy please feel free to contact us immediately. We will solve that as soon as we can to make your tenancy as hassle free and enjoyable as possible.